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Stop Weight Bias Awareness Campaign

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In early 2021, the Obesity Action Coalition launched a new national public awareness campaign, Stop Weight Bias, in an effort to raise awareness about the negative impact of weight bias from childhood to adulthood and highlight the areas of life where people affected by obesity face weight bias the most, such as healthcare, employment, education, in the media and more.

The Stop Weight Bias Campaign is committed to raising awareness, putting a stop to weight bias and pushing equality forward. An area of particular focus for the campaign is on weight bias in racial and ethnic groups. In OAC’s online survey, 32% of Latinos/Hispanics said they experienced weight bias in employment and 29% of blacks/African Americans said they experienced weight bias in healthcare.

With your help, we can stop weight bias. Your contribution to the Stop Weight Bias campaign provides the critical funding needed to raise awareness, enhance education, advocate for real change and create a better future for all.

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