The OAC offers educational weight bias trainings that are dedicated to teaching participants about the added complexity those with obesity experience due to weight bias.

The presentations share not only personal experiences of bias but also the extensive science base behind the impact bias has on the lives of people living with obesity. In addition to sharing examples of bias, the talks propose solutions to minimize bias and contain a call to action for all involved in the obesity space to take action to address weight bias.

The OAC recently presented these comprehensive trainings to both Eli Lilly and Company and Amgen. Both companies thoroughly enjoyed the trainings and look forward to using their new knowledge about weight bias!

If you are interested in learning more about weight bias and how to put a stop to it, visit Here, you can learn about how weight bias negatively affects people and how you can become part of the solution to stop it.

If you think your company or organization would benefit from a weight bias training, please email James Zervios at