About the OAC’s Community

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The OAC’s Membership Community is a diverse group of individuals who are interested in getting more connected to their health and changing the world for people living with obesity.

The OAC believes that great things happen when we connect, engage and grow together. That’s why the OAC Community exists. Members of the OAC Community are the driving force by which we make change happen – whether it’s in our own weight and health journeys, in each other’s lives or for anyone who has ever been affected by obesity. Our Community is our Membership and our Membership is our Community!

The Purpose of the OAC’s Community

The OAC’s Community brings together individuals from all backgrounds and experiences so they have ongoing and meaningful opportunities to:

  • Discover education on the latest evidence-based information about obesity
  • Find support through ongoing weight and health education
  • Connect with others who share similar concerns and journeys
  • Take action to help the OAC change the world for people living with obesity!

Why the OAC Community Needs to Exist

Simply put, we want to see a better world for people living with obesity. As it stands, those who struggle with their weight face numerous challenges – from accessing effective, science-based medical care to experiencing weight bias and stigma.

We know how valuable it is to be surrounded by people who just get it – and we want our Community members to know that they have people alongside them who can offer support, education, tools, resources and connections… at their fingertips, whenever they want.

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