They say a picture is worth more than a thousand words, but we know that pictures and words carry a tremendous weight when discussing the topic of obesity. A simple word or image can be extremely stigmatizing and hurtful.

That’s why we are thrilled to share that the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has included a new section on their web page for obesity that encourages the use of respectful imagery as well as People-First Language. The CDC has also listed OAC as the authority on these topics and linked to our Media Guidelines for others to use when referencing obesity or people affected by it.

A Building Block in the Fight against Weight Stigma

The CDC is a world-renowned source for accurate information about diseases and conditions, healthy living and disaster preparedness. Adding a section about People-First Language, appropriate imagery and OAC’s Media Guidelines is a significant push for visibility of OAC and an important step in the overall fight to increase awareness of obesity as a disease and the existence of weight stigma.

Here are some ways you can help keep up the momentum:

  • Educate about People-First Language and respectful imagery to your friends, family members and others in your community
  • Call a person, businesses or organization out if you see them sharing information/language/images relating to obesity that are stigmatizing
  • Link to OAC’s weight bias resources on social media or in text/email conversations if an opportunity arises

OAC would like to thank the CDC for including this information on its website and doing their part to ensure that all diseases are accurately and respectfully represented in their education and materials.