The OAC office is under renovation!

At the start of 2019, we spoke of exciting new changes for the OAC. One of those behind-the-scenes changes was a complete remodel of the OAC national office headquartered in Tampa, FL! With a long list of organizational goals to meet in 2019, we knew we needed a physical space that could equip us and meet our needs to continue serving others.

A Glance at the OAC Office:

The OAC office has gone under renovation!Why an office renovation? The OAC headquarters is always bustling with the everyday activities of running a growing and ambitious nonprofit organization. On any given day, our passionate team is busy:

  • Taking daily phone calls and inquiries
  • Storing/distributing our collection of educational materials
  • Collaborating often in strategic planning meetings
  • Putting our plans into action to serve!

While our old office space got us by, the OAC team desired an environment that facilitated growth. Finally we were able to demo our entire office for a complete makeover!

What’s New and Improved

The OAC National Office Was Renovated!You might be wondering what’s so special about renovating an office or headquarters. But for us, renovations to our working space mean more to the OAC team than just cosmetic appeal. Changes to our office thus far have included:

  • Building/expanding rooms to promote deeper collaboration
  • Building a NEW room for projects soon to come! (hint hint)
  • Tearing down walls to make room for more work space
  • Assembling additional storage space to house our educational materials
  • Panting the walls for cohesive and inspiring OAC branding
  • Adding a stronger phone system to take your calls
  • And much more — we can’t recognize the place anymore!

Look with Us to the Future

Our office renovations are a true testament to the growth of the OAC since its inception in 2005.  We’re excited to give you a sneak peek behind-the-scenes to observe everyday life here! We also hope you’ll look ahead with us to more MORE goals and plans, MORE OAC Action and MORE impact as we continue working passionately to change the world for people with obesity.

The OAC office is under renovation!