Tampa, Fla. – The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) is pleased to announce Barbara Thompson, MLS, as the new chairperson of the Coalition. Ms. Thompson has been a member of the OAC since its beginning in 2005 and has held a position on the board of directors for the past four years. Ms. Thompson’s undeniable passion in fighting for those affected by obesity stems from her own battle with the global epidemic.

“Having obesity or severe obesity is not just about wearing it on your body. I was affected by obesity for many years and I can tell you firsthand that there are many other facets of obesity that are often overlooked, such as weight stigma and discrimination. I am a proud member of the OAC and I am grateful that I have been elected chairperson of this incredible organization. I look forward to serving the members of the OAC and representing all those battling obesity,” said Barbara Thompson, OAC Chairperson.

Founder of the WLS Center, Inc., Ms. Thompson is an accomplished author and speaker. Since 2001, Ms. Thompson has been speaking nationally to thousands of individuals seeking information on obesity, support and education. Ms. Thompson has served as a consultant for Wall Street Journal, CNN and featured in People Magazine and on ABC’s Nightline. Often referred to as the “Voice of Obesity,” Ms. Thompson is no stranger to helping those with obeisty and empowering them to seek a better quality of life and health.

“Barbara brings something special to the role of chairperson for the OAC. She brings with her an absolute true passion for the rights of those affected. She is an excellent fit for the OAC as her passions echo the concerns and needs of the Coalition members,” said Joseph Nadglowski, OAC President and CEO.

The OAC also welcomes four new directors for the 2010-2012 board terms. They are as follows: Ted Kyle, RPh, MBA, Walter Lindstrom, Jr., Esq., Tracy Martinez, RN and Lloyd Stegemann, MD, FASMBS.
For more information on the 2010-2012 OAC National Board of Directors, please visit www.obesityaction.org or contact the OAC National Office at (800) 717-3117 or info@obesityaction.org.

About the OAC
The OAC is a National nonprofit charity dedicated to helping individuals affected by obesity. The OAC was formed to bring together individuals struggling with weight issues and provide educational resources and advocacy tools.