Helping Your Patients

Helping Your Patients with Accessing Care

The Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) and ASMBS have partnered to offer you resources that you can share with your patients and/or prospective patients to help them navigate access to care issues. Below, you will find various resources that you can utilize to help patients:

Improving Access Resources on OAC’s Website

Access to Care

Your patients face obstacles each and every day of life. One of the largest obstacles faced is accessing science-based care to treat their obesity. From the complete lack of obesity care coverage to the numerous hurdles to access limiting coverage, individuals with obesity often face a constant struggle when trying to access bariatric surgery.

Located on the OAC website, your patients denied access can learn more about their insurance policy, working with their employer and much more to help them improve access to obesity treatment. Share this link with your patients!

Access to Care Postcard

This postcard is a great resource to provide your patients to help them learn more about how they can advocate for access to care, such as bariatric surgery, work with their insurance provider, contact elected officials and more.

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OAC Resources

The OAC produces a wide variety of patient-friendly resources to help your patients understand how their weight impacts their health, treatment options for obesity, understanding weight bias, and much more. All OAC materials are developed and reviewed by medical professionals for accuracy. Materials available include:

  • Understanding Obesity Brochure Series
  • Understanding Your Weight-loss Options Brochure
  • Obesity-awareness Posters
  • Obesity-related Fact Sheets
  • And Much More!

To learn about these materials and order them, please click here.