A Decade of Progress: Celebrating Milestones in Obesity Awareness
in Education, OAC Blog, OAC Newsroom on June 18, 2023

Ten years ago, the American Medical Association (AMA) took a significant step forward by officially recognizing obesity as a disease. This declaration not only acknowledged the complexity of obesity but also paved the way for improved understanding, research and access to care.  Since our establishment, the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC) has committed to elevating and
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Transform a Life When You Donate to the Rob Portinga Memorial Scholarship Fund
in Education, Events, OAC Blog on June 5, 2023

Imagine a world where everyone can obtain the knowledge and empowerment needed to take charge of their health. The OAC’s Your Weight Matters in-person Convention is like a ray of light, offering life-changing education and community connection to those who need it most. Financial Hardship Shouldn’t Hinder Transformation However, the reality is that for many,
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Reporting Inflated Costs for Obesity Meds
in OAC Blog on June 2, 2023

By Ted Kyle, RPh, MBA, originally published on ConscienHealth.org.  Reporters are writing a lot about the unaffordable cost of new obesity medicines like semaglutide. They’re doing a lot of really solid reporting. But unfortunately, they are also pushing out a false narrative and just about everyone else is coming along for the ride. Time and
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