Childhood Obesity Stigma

Battling childhood obesity can often be a difficult task for any family. Compounding this task is often the presence of stigma or weight bias. Childhood obesity stigma can often lead to children feeling secluded, alone and helpless. It is important for parents to recognize if their child is being bullied. Bullying can occur in many forms such as verbally at school, online and more. With today’s increase in social media, children are even more exposed to bullying than ever before in history.

The OAC has published articles on the topic of chilhdood obesity bullying in Your Weight Matters Magazine in an effort to help parents/caregivers navigate this often sensitive subject. Below, please find some educational resources which further explain childhood obesity stigma and bullying:

Resource Articles

From the Schoolyard to Your Yard: Cyber-bullying Brings Victimization Home
by Jamie Lee Peterson, MA

BULLYING, Bullycide and Childhood Obesity
by JoAnn Stevelos, MS, MPH

Childhood Obesity and Stigma
by Rebecca Puhl, PhD


Understanding Obesity Stigma brochure

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