What is Childhood Obesity?

Girls BMI-for-Age Percentile Chart

To plot your child’s BMI-for-age percentile, you must first calculate his/her BMI. Please click here to view a BMI chart which includes weight and heights appropriate for children. If your child is short or tall for their age, BMI-for-age may be the most appropriate measure of their weight status.

Once you calculate his/her BMI, find the age of your child on the bottom of the chart and look to the left or right to locate their BMI. Plot the point on the graph using a pen or pencil (Please Print). Once you have plotted the measurement, locate the corresponding shaded color on the bottom of the chart to determine your child’s BMI-for-age percentile. You are then able to find your child’s percentile range by viewing the Weight Status Category table located to the right of the chart.

BMI Chart for Girls