#TheReasonIGive: I Believe in the Power of All Our Voices

- By Cassie I. Story, OAC member and educational resources contributor

One summer morning nine years ago, I walked laps around the Capital lawn with hundreds of others. The morning sun graced us with its appearance, the smell of fresh cut grass floated through the air, laces were tied tight and sunglasses were planted firmly on faces – smiles and a buzz of pleasant conversations danced around us. The sense of comradery, purpose and a unified goal filled the air. That goal was to raise awareness about the disease of obesity and access to care for people who were struggling.

It was at this walk that I was introduced to the founding members of the Obesity Action Coalition (OAC). Not yet knowing who they were or what they stood for, but being immediately drawn to their individual warmth, compassion and human kindness – I knew I wanted to be a part of the team.

As a passionate educator and healthcare provider for people affected by obesity, the OAC has helped my practice in immeasurable ways over the past decade. Their quarterly magazine and annual patient conference have been wonderful resources to increase my knowledge and understanding of this complex and chronic disease. Not only have they been a resource for me, but also for my patients. Their reach is grand – and the information they provide is timely and beneficial to all.

The support, empowerment and advocacy provided by the OAC are unlike any other organization I’ve ever witnessed. I give to the OAC because I believe in the OAC. I believe in the power of their voice. The power of all our voices, dancing around this nation – tied together with a vision. To move our society in a direction in which all individuals have access to effective treatment options and are treated with respect and kindness throughout their journey.

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