OAC Day on the Hill – September 2013

In September, more than 30 trained OAC advocates spent a day visiting offices all over Capitol Hill to secure additional co-sponsors for the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act (TROA). This important piece of legislation would provide Medicare recipients and their healthcare providers with meaningful tools to treat and reduce obesity by improving access to obesity screening and counseling services and new prescription drugs for chronic weight management. In a single day, your fellow OAC members made a monumental impact by reaching out to legislative staff and members of Congress in more than 85 offices!

The OAC was first created when a politician pointed-out that he could take away obesity treatment benefits and there would be no one on Capitol Hill to protest. After eight years of advocacy efforts, we have reached a milestone in bringing out such a passionate group to advocate for individuals affected by obesity. Through the strength and support of our active membership both at home and in this Day on the Hill event, we are making progress in improving access to treatment options for obesity. We know we can count on our dedicated members, who continue to raise their voices on such important issues as we work together to advance the cause of obesity!

To learn more about the TROA and to encourage your legislator to support it, please CLICK HERE.

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