How Your Support Makes a Difference

What we do for ourselves stays with us. What we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.

~Albert Pine

Grassroots efforts can make the strongest impact because it comes from personal convictions and commitments from the heart.

Tracy Martinez, RN, BSN, CBN, Chair, OAC Revenue Generation Committee

Today as you read this blog there is a child being bullied because of his weight, an employee being denied a promotion because of their obesity, a patient being told “just push yourself away from the table” and a person afflicted with obesity is thinking it’s their fault for not trying hard enough. We all know that this is not tolerable. It’s heartbreaking and I know you probably feel some anger, frustration and may even have systemic symptoms like your heart pounding just thinking about it. Me too. But that is why we want to support the OAC so these beliefs, ignorance and biases no longer exist because obesity is better understood, treated and even prevented.

Together we can start 2015 with a stronger foundation and reach our goals.

I know how busy this time of year is but any donation from $5 and beyond will help build our commitment to treating and preventing obesity. And that is our legacy.

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