Thank you for your interest in writing for the OAC’s quarterly publication, Weight Matters Magazine! Here at the OAC, we have always strive to provide our members with science-based education and the best resources possible.

Weight Matters Magazine is our most popular educational piece and is used by many of our members to find valuable information and help guide them in their personal journeys with weight. We take pride in our well-credentialed authors who are willing to volunteer their time for the purpose of helping our community.

As we strive to always improve our publication, we are always looking for new writers to contribute. We are passionate about providing our members with helpful information that is accurate and factual, and we want our authors to be passionate about the same thing! We are looking for credentialed people in the medical field with knowledge of obesity, bariatric surgery, medical weight management, obesity-related conditions, nutrition, fitness, mental health, childhood obesity and more.

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