By donating to OAC's Convention Scholarship Program, You Can Make Quality Education REAL.

If you’ve ever tried to sift through all the weight-loss articles, ads and promotions out there, you understand the value in REAL science-based education to help you make sense of it all.

Weight management isn’t as simple as eating less and moving more. There’s a lot more to it, and you’ve probably experienced this if you’ve struggled with weight. Have you ever felt the frustration or confusion that often comes with watching the scale and working on your health?

YWM2019 Has Education You Can Trust

At OAC’s Your Weight Matters Convention & EXPO, sailing to Tampa this Summer (August 1-3), we’re dedicated to cutting through the weight-loss gimmicks and all that simplified advice. We want any individual to have access to REAL weight and health education that is:

  • Realistic and practical
  • Science-based and proven
  • Unbiased and unassuming
  • Presented by REAL experts

Education of this caliber helps attendees not only invest in their health, but have clarity in making informed decisions that are right for them. Education is knowledge, and knowledge is empowering – especially in a journey as important as navigating your weight and health.

Help Make Education REAL for Someone in Need at YWM2019

The OAC Community is all about supporting one another, and YOU can help make YWM2019 education REAL for someone in need by donating to the OAC Convention Scholarship Fund!

This Fund helps people with financial hardships access the REAL education, support systems and community found only at our Convention. By donating, you give someone direct contact with renowned experts, cutting-edge research and a place where they can find their “Ah-hah!” moment.

Will you consider giving a donation to make this level of education REAL for someone wanting to attend YWM2019? Gifts of any size — $5, $10, $25 or more — can go a long way in helping someone feel equipped, empowered, inspired and confident in their journey with weight and health.

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When You Give, Your Gift is Doubled!

As a bonus, when you donate to OAC’s Convention Scholarship Fund, you actually DOUBLE your impact thanks to our Matching Gift Donor: Geisinger Health System!

Geisinger has graciously committed to matching every gift donated dollar for dollar through April 30 – up to $5000! So if you give a gift of $25, you’re actually giving $50 and helping the OAC touch more lives at YWM2019. Will you consider making a charitable donation today to help someone attend?

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