2020 was a challenging yet inspiring year for the OAC. As a Community, we were able to create positivity through hardships and push to have a successful year.

To capture our triumphant year, we have put together a 2020 Annual Report that highlights our progress and plans for the future of the organization. Each year, we work tirelessly to elevate and empower those affected by obesity through education, advocacy, awareness and support. This report outlines the many ways that our hard work, coupled with the dedication of the OAC Community continues to push us closer to our goal. We are thankful that we are able to continue achieving our mission through the support of everyone involved.

We would like to thank our Community for their support throughout the year. Without our staff, Community members, partners, sponsors and many more, we would not have been able to have the productive year that we did. Thank you all for your support and dedication. It truly means the world to us.

In order to continue striving to meet our goals, we need support. We have accomplished so much already, but our work continues. With your support, we continue working hard to empower those affected by obesity. If you would like to support the OAC in our endeavors in 2021, please donate here. We want to continue making the world a better place for those affected by obesity.

To see the annual report, please click here.