#OACAction is amplified when we all take action together.
Passionate OAC supporters advocate for the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act (TROA) on Capitol Hill.

You’ve learned what #OACAction means and why it’s so important for helping OAC change lives for people affected by obesity. You’ve also discovered that there’s so many different ways to take action, and the key is discover and act upon your individual passions! Now, let’s dive into a couple of specific ways that #OACAction can change the world when we do it together. After all, we’re a community!

Reflecting on #OACAction: The Big Picture

But first, we wanted to take a moment to talk about the power of community in action. One of the most powerful quotes demonstrating this truth was conceived by a famous Japanese poet named Ryunosuke Satoro. He wrote:

“Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.”

General SupportJust think about that for a moment. Perhaps you’re thinking to yourself, “I’m not sure if it’s worthwhile for me to take action. What I do won’t really make a difference in the grand scheme of things.” However, imagine if every OAC Community member and supporter made a commitment to take action once a week. That equates to more than 60,000 people! Surely, we would make a difference in the world by taking action as a collective whole. Together, we can demand that obesity be treated the same as any other chronic disease. Together, we can challenge harmful weight bias and work to eliminate it. Together, we can raise funds and efforts to spread more education about obesity to our communities. We’re stronger when we make a team effort!

Action Improves Obesity Policy and Legislation

Taking #OACAction can improve obesity policy
OAC Community member Ava Zebrick helped her home state of Louisiana recognize the observation of Obesity Care Week.

Now, let’s move on to some of the specific issues OAC cares about that can benefit from taking #OACAction. Since its inception in 2005, OAC has always worked to improve obesity policy. With help from our supporters, we’ve made a difference on local, state and National levels. From demanding improved access to healthcare resources and tools to passing key obesity legislation through Congress (most notably the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act), OAC cares about getting our message in the hands of key influencers who can help us affect widespread change.

If you’re someone with a passion for policy and advocating for issues on a broader level, we need you to take #OACAction in this arena! During “Anytime Action Week” from August 27 – 31, we’ll give you a few specific examples for how you can do this. So, stay tuned because you won’t want to miss out on those ideas and resources! Just know that even though policy is something that applies to specific communities, regions, states and our Nation as a whole, your individual voice can have a large impact. Taking #OACAction to help OAC improve obesity policy can ensure a future where individuals with obesity are listened to, respected and given access to the healthcare tools and resources they need.

Action Eliminates Weight Bias

#OACAction can eliminate weight bias
OAC hosts a photography shoot to build its Image Gallery and help change the perception of obesity.

An additional issue that OAC cares deeply about is the elimination of weight bias, because bias exists at the forefront of most (if not all) barriers that individuals with obesity face. Bias exists in the healthcare setting, in the media and also in schools. It’s present on social media, internet news/articles and even in everyday in-person settings. It’s everywhere.

Eliminating weight bias is a lofty goal, which is why we need everyone possible to take #OACAction and challenge bias when it’s observed. You can also work to eliminate bias by supporting people with obesity, referring to obesity with respectful terminology, sharing OAC resources, educating others and celebrating those who are taking action against weight bias in their own way. When we work to eliminate weight bias together through our own respective passions and outlets, we create a domino effect which encourages more people to pay attention and understand.

Stay Tuned for Anytime Action Week, August 27 – 31!

Are you ready to jump-in and take #OACAction? Don’t forget to join us for “Anytime Action Week,” taking place August 27 – 31! We’ll equip your with specific tools and resources you can use to take #OACAction as we encourage all OAC supporters to make a difference. Stay tuned to information about “Anytime Action Week” by following OAC on social media, visiting the OAC Community ENGAGE Platform and checking your OAC Community member email. We’ll see you then for a week of action!