Obesity Care Week 2024 is just around the corner! Save the date for March 4-8.

OCWObesity Action Coalition (OAC) is a proud supporter of Obesity Care Week, and we need your help to make this the most impactful week of obesity awareness and support yet!

Unlike most other diseases, obesity is one that continues to be stigmatized, and in many cases, those impacted struggle to receive adequate care. Obesity Care Week aims to raise awareness, educate, and advocate for people living with obesity and provides us the opportunity to create lasting change.

During Obesity Care Week, we are raising awareness of the 5 Principles of Obesity and encouraging our supporters to sign the pledge.

1. It is undeniable that obesity is a chronic disease.
2. Obesity is driven by powerful underlying biology, not choice.
3. The many health effects of excess weight can start early.
4. Obesity is treatable.
5. Weight bias, stigma and discrimination are harmful.

Do you agree?

The change required to adequately and appropriately treat obesity can only happen with your help. You can make a difference during Obesity Care Week by sharing content on social media, participating in this week’s activities, and taking action to call for change! The time to act is now.

Learn more and sign up for alerts at obesitycareweek.org.

About Obesity Care Week

Obesity Care Week is an annual public awareness event supported by over 130 health organizations and leaders in 90 countries around the world. Despite extensive research and studies, stigma and misperceptions continue to negatively shape the way people with obesity are treated. That is why Obesity Care Week Champions and Partners stand together to acknowledge the 5 Principles of Obesity. To learn more about Obesity Care Week and get involved, visit obesitycareweek.org.