Obesity Action Coalition is a proud Founding Champion of Obesity Care Week 2023 (OCW2023), and we need your help to make this the most impactful week of obesity awareness and support yet!  It’s time to change the way we care for – and about – obesity, and OCW aims to raise awareness, educate, and advocate for a better world for people living with the disease. OCW2023 focuses on raising awareness about what the disease of obesity is – and isn’t–, providing valuable, science-based resources on weight and health, and creating a more positive and impactful relationship between a patient and their healthcare provider. Quality, compassionate obesity care requires teamwork, and it starts with you!  

Join Us in Supporting OCW 2023 by:

Mark your calendar for February 27th – March 3rd and be ready to:

  • Like, comment, and share OCW2023 content using #OCW2023 on your social media pages!
  • Take action! OCW2023 will offer patients, healthcare professionals, decision-makers and the public practical tools designed to improve the way you receive or provide obesity care. 

The change required to adequately and appropriately treat obesity can only happen with your help. The time to act is now, so visit ObesityCareWeek.org to learn more and get involved!

About Obesity Care Week

Obesity Care Week is an annual public awareness event supported by over 100 health organizations and leaders in 70 countries around the world. OCW2023 Champions and Partners stand together to acknowledge obesity as a complex, chronic, recurring disease. Despite extensive research and studies, stigma and misperceptions continue to negatively shape the way people with obesity are treated medically and generally within society. OCW2023 aims to strengthen the relationship between a patient and their healthcare provider by encouraging open, empathetic and evidence-based conversations about weight and health. To learn more about Obesity Care Week and sign up for alerts, visit ObesityCareWeek.org.