Obesity Medicine Association
Premium Access Membership Form

The OAC is the nation’s only National nonprofit patient organization dedicated to giving a voice to individuals affected by obesity through education, advocacy and support. The OAC is proud to partner with OMA to provide Premium Access Membership at a discounted rate for OMA Members. By joining with a strong, independent organization like the OAC through membership, OMA Members can become active advocates for patients and spread the important message of the need for obesity awareness, reduction in weight bias/stigma, and access to care for their patients.

The OAC is pleased to offer OMA members the ability to purchase OAC Premium Access Membership for the discounted rate of just $10/year (regular OAC Premium Access Membership fee is $25).


Benefits of OAC Premium Access Membership:

OAC Educational InformationThe OAC produces and distributes unbiased and unbranded patient education that OMA Members can request for their waiting rooms or to give to their patients – all FREE of charge as a premium member of the OAC. Available resources include:

  • Understanding Obesity Brochure Series (5 Brochures/posters in series on obesity, severe obesity, childhood obesity)
  • Understanding Your Weight Loss Options Brochure
  • Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity Brochure Series
  • Weight Matters Magazine (you receive a print subscription with your membership, but you can also request additional copies as a member)
  • Access to OAC’s Digital Video Library
  • And much more!


Additional Resources Available for Healthcare Professional Members of the OAC:

The OAC also produces a variety of resources intended for healthcare professionals that address pivotal issues in the patient community such as weight bias and advocacy/access to care. These resources can also be accessed for FREE as an OAC member with Premium Access, and include:

  • Weight Bias in the Workplace – Information for Employers Guide
  • Weight Bias in Healthcare – A Guide for Healthcare Providers Working with Individuals Affected by Obesity
  • Access to the OAC’s Image Gallery (gallery of stigma-free images intended for use in presentations, company Web site, etc.)
  • Obesity State Fact Sheets (designed to get in the hands of decision makers to improve access to treatment)

Please complete the below form to purchase Premium Access Membership for the discounted rate of just $10/year. Premium Access Membership is on an annual basis and is eligible for renewal one year after purchase.

For questions regarding membership, please contact Lisa Gresco-White at (800) 717-3117 or lisa@obesityaction.org.