Community Programs

OAC Sponsored Membership Program

With nearly 93 million Americans affected by obesity, the relationship between a patient and a health care provider is vital. That’s why the OAC developed a unique program specifically for healthcare providers to show support for their patients while getting them more engaged in their care and the broader issues in obesity – the OAC Sponsored Membership Program!

Doctor and Patient

The OAC’s Sponsored Membership Program is a unique program that allows physicians and/or hospitals/institutions to purchase OAC Premium Access Membership for each of their patients at a discounted rate of $10/each (Premium Access Membership is typically $25). This program was started in 2009 and has since welcomed more than 40 practices from 19 states to participate. This program alone has been responsible for better connecting more than 25,000 patients in their care and the efforts of the OAC!

Premium Access Membership provides your patients with a wide variety of exclusive benefits, designed to uniquely connect them in issues pertaining to their health, ongoing care and well-being. When you purchase Premium Access Membership for your patients, you can expect that they’ll be a part of a Community that believes in providing evidence-based education on all issues relating to health and obesity, fighting to improve access to care and the elimination of weight bias, and elevating the conversation of weight and its impact on health. Premium Access Membership offers the maximum amount of support for the individual affected by obesity no matter where they are on their journey with weight and health.

The OAC Sponsored Membership Program is a great way to show support of your patients and to encourage them to play a more active role in their health. This program is designed to be as least time intensive on your staff as possible, so we make it flexible and easy to implement. To learn more about this important program and how to get involved, please contact Lisa Gresco-White at