ObesityWeek® 2021, the preeminent international conference for obesity researchers and clinicians took place this past November 1-5 and featured the latest developments in evidence-based obesity science: cutting-edge basic and clinical research, state-of-the-art treatment and prevention, and the latest efforts in advocacy and public policy – all in a virtual conference format.

OAC at ObesityWeek® 2021

The OAC was happy to represent the patient voice at ObesityWeek® 2021 and bring attention to the lived experiences and stories of patients with obesity. Our participation was an important reminder of the importance to be included in these conversations and to use our voice to raise awareness and impact change.

“People who live with obesity day in and day out are the true experts. We understand how difficult it is to manage weight, especially while living in a world where we are constantly blamed and shamed for not being able to do so on our own. We can provide incredible insights to anyone who is willing to listen. And we need to be included in all discussions and decisions related to obesity. Nothing about us without us. Many thanks to all the patients who bravely shared their stories during Obesity Week 2021 and to the Obesity Society for recognizing the importance of adding the lived experience to this educational event.” – Patty Nece, JD, OAC’s Chair


“I was the patient perspective on the 11/1 panel session called “TOS/ASGE/ABE Joint Symposium: Combinations – It Takes 2….or 3 to Make a Therapy,” which focused on combination therapy for the treatment of obesity. I both shared my journey and charged listeners to think about how to build community, the power of including patient voice, advocacy, and reducing bias, which is critical to making combination therapy accessible to all people affected by obesity. The story that I wanted to tell is that I have had exceptional care from surgery, pharmacotherapy, mental health care, and more, and that because obesity is a chronic, complex lifelong disease- everyone deserves access to an affordable, comprehensive approach. I want to be the rule, not the exception.” – Amber Huett-Garcia, MPA


Our stories are powerful and they help others understand that obesity is a complex and chronic disease. Whether you are living with obesity, providing for someone with obesity, or are a healthcare provider, your story is a powerful way to humanize our cause and raise awareness. It is also one way to support and empower others who may be struggling. Interested in sharing your story? Click Here to learn more.