Tampa, Fla. – The Obesity Action Coalition had the honor and pleasure of interviewing the late legendary Chicago Bears linebacker, Dick Butkus, and his son, Matt, for the Fall 2023 issue of Weight Matters Magazine. In the interview titled Tackling Obesity: A Conversation with Football Legends Dick and Matt Butkus, Mr. Butkus talked about his favorite memory on the football field, his personal experience with his health and his mission to help others through the Butkus Foundation’s Takes Heart™ initiative and the NFL Alumni Association’s Tackle Obesity program.

Mr. Butkus expressed the importance of addressing health and weight for oneself and those you love. When asked about what message he would like to convey to former players, fans, and others regarding the importance of maintaining health and treating obesity, Mr. Butkus said:

“I feel a responsibility to pass on [my] knowledge, especially to my family. If you care about your loved ones who depend on you, it’s essential to prioritize your health. There’s plenty of information available on how to improve your health. Improve your health even just a little bit, and you’re headed in the right direction.”

Mr. Butkus was funny, candid, kind and thoughtful. He spoke to his passion for improving the lives of others and his compassion for his loved ones.

The Obesity Action Coalition offers our condolences to Butkus’ family, friends, teammates and the NFL Alumni Association. Mr. Butkus was undeniably a legendary figure, and his absence will be felt deeply while his memory lives on.

To read the interview, visit obesityaction.org/resources/tackling-obesity.

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