OAC in the News

2015 News Articles Featuring the OAC

Chicago Tribune – “Obesity is Not a Curable Condition”

HCP Live – “FDA Approves New Obesity Treatment” 

NewsWise – “Is obesity a disability? Experts Weigh in” 

News Medical – OCC Partners Commend EU Decision that Supports Disability Protections for Obesity

AOL News – “Puerto Rico Might Start Fining the Parents of Obese Children”

U.S. News & World Report – “Local Governments Seek to Curb Obesity in Kids” 

RTT News – “Puerto Rico May Fine Parents of Obese Children” 

Tech Times – “L.A. Tried A Fast Food Ban, But It Only Increased Obesity: Why Didn’t It Work?” 

Health Cheat Sheet – “4 Facts Every Parent Should Know About Sugary Drinks”

TMZ – “ESPN Reporter Britt McHenry Obesity Group Pissed Over Anti-Fat Crack” 

The Wrap – “ESPN Reporter Britt McHenry Slammed by Obesity Group Over ‘Inappropriate’ Comments in Tow Company Video”

Daily Mail – “Thousands call for ESPN reporter who launched arrogant tirade at single mom tow company clerk to be fired – and she has made NO effort to personally apologize”

NY Daily News – “ESPN reporter Britt McHenry urged Facebook friends to ‘take the high road and be nice’ days before parking lot rant” 

Nonprofit Quarterly – “Who’s Going to Lighten the Load of Obesity’s Heavy Costs?”

Chicago Tribune – Obese and Overweight Pets Need Our Help

Business Insurance – Respect Legal and Privacy Boundaries When Setting up Obesity Programs

Endocrine Today – “TROA Gaining Momentum” 

Healthline – “Bill Would Expand Medicare to Cover Weight Management Therapy” 

Philly.com – “‘Fat shaming’ Pages Get Harpooned”

TMZ – “Dr. Ken” Show Fat-shaming

Themselves Healthy Despite Having Obesity-related Comorbidities”

European Pharmaceutical Review – “Novo Nordisk Presents Findings of Obesity Care Study”

MedPageToday.com – “Most Americans Report No Coverage for Obesity”

PRNewsWire – “Fat Shaming Declines, but Weight Bias Persists, Survey Finds “

MedPage Today – Obesity Groups Say States Denying Bariatric Surgery Violate ACA