Have you ever wanted to be an advocate for yourself and others, or learn more about advocacy? Well, the OAC’s brand-new Advocacy Town Hall Series is the perfect opportunity for you! 

The Obesity Action Coalition is excited to announce the launch of our Advocacy Town Hall Series! Inspired by the momentum built during our advocacy workshops at YWM2022-Engage, this series is a must-attend for ANY aspiring obesity advocate.

OAC has an Action Program

About the Advocacy Town Hall Series

The OAC’s Advocacy Town Hall Series is designed for anyone interested in becoming an obesity advocate for themselves and others. The five-part series will be hosted by OAC Leadership via Zoom every other Thursday evening in the fall and will cover the issues OAC fights against. The Advocacy Town Hall Series will teach you: 

  • The basics of OAC’s advocacy focuses
  • How to target federal and state legislators, insurance companies and employers 
  • Effective communication strategies for successful advocacy 
  • How to overcome challenges in advocacy 
  • Ideas on how to put these skills into practice 

Each session will present a 15-20 minute lesson breaking down an issue OAC focuses on and how to solve it, then open the meeting up for a Q&A session. These interactive sessions are an opportunity to connect with OAC leadership to ask any questions you have about advocacy. 

After each session, you’ll be an empowered advocate equipped with the tools you need to tackle the issues people with obesity face every day. You will walk away from the Advocacy Town Hall Series knowing how to be the best obesity advocate you can be!

Interested in taking part? Click here to sign up and play a vital role in changing the world for people with obesity!

We know that creating lasting change in the obesity space is hard, especially when we’re up against deep-rooted weight stigma and a general lack of understanding of obesity. We hope that this new Town Hall Series will help our supporters find their place in the OAC’s fight to make the world a better place for individuals affected by obesity. No matter your experience level, skills or interests, we need YOUR help to drive change and grow our impact. Your voice matters!