Today, March 4th, not only kicks off Obesity Care Week, but it’s also World Obesity Day! World Obesity Day (WOD) is a global effort aiming to change the narrative of obesity around the world. Rather than blame and shame people for having obesity, this awareness day encourages us to consider all the root causes of obesity: genetic, psychological, socio-cultural, economic and environmental.

The theme for World Obesity Day 2024 is “Let’s Talk About Obesity and…” Because when we talk, debate and share, we can change minds, shift norms and transform health outcomes.

Let’s Talk About Obesity

Did you know that nearly 1 billion people were living with obesity in 2020? That is 1 in 7 people. And it is estimated that 1.9 billion people around the world will be living with obesity in 2035. That is almost 1 in 4 people. Global obesity rates are rising, so it is more important than ever to talk about obesity, its causes and care options. 

A conversation can be all it takes to change perspectives. Whether it is healthcare professionals expanding their discussions, the general public sparking a national conversation, or policymakers taking action inspired by debate, every conversation counts.

Here are actions you can take TODAY to start the conversation:

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