Together, Let’s Elevate Our Voices.


We believe we can affect positive change through the power of community. This is why, collectively, we raise our voices to reinforce our beliefs and demands for a better world for people affected by obesity.


What’s the OAC Community?

OAC launched the OAC Community because we believe Our Community is our Membership and our Membership is our Community! We recognize the power of being part of a community and how we, as a National nonprofit organization, can make a greater impact in our mission to change the world for the better for people living with obesity when we CONNECT, ENGAGE and GROW TOGETHER. Through the new OAC Community, we reaffirm OAC’s mission to:

  • Provide education on the latest evidence-based information about obesity,
  • Extend support through opportunities to share real stories and connect with PEOPLE LIKE YOU,
  • Take action through advocacy on important issues around weight and obesity,
  • Help raise awareness and amplify the voice of people living with obesity.

Why Become Part of the OAC Community?

By becoming part of the OAC Community, you get access to valuable EDUCATION, community-exclusive content, and insightful discussions on weight management and health. You will also have the opportunity to get inspired by REAL stories from others who share your health journey, foster meaningful CONNECTIONS, and take action through ADVOCACY. Sign-up now to become a member of the OAC Community!