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Sample Letter to Write to Your Employer

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Dear Benefits Manager (insert name),
In your first paragraph, mention the following points:

1. Discuss how you recently contacted your insurance provider to inquire about weight-loss surgery and you were told it is not covered under their policy.
2. Share your personal connection with this disease. Tell the individual how severe obesity and its related conditions have affected you and your family. Elaborate on the number and cost of medications you are currently taking due to your obesity-related conditions. (Remember to remain brief. A short letter can accomplish just as much as a long one.)

In your second paragraph, mention the following items:

1. The affects weight-loss surgery has on patients affected by severe obesity?
2. The number of people affected by severe obesity?
3. The chance of decreasing the prevalence or existence of any obesity-related conditions you may be affected by from severe obesity.

In your last paragraph, discuss the following closing items:

1. Request that your employer adjust their insurance policy to include weight-loss surgery or discuss with their provider the possibility of adding the procedure(s).
2. Request a timely response and thank them for their time and assistance.

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