Weight Bias Issues

WWE Kids Magazine

WWE Kids Magazine

An OAC member has alerted the OAC to a weight bias issue found in the World Wrestling Entertainment’s (WWE) kid-focused magazine, titled WWE Kids. In a past issue of WWE Kids, the magazine featured an article, titled “Flab vs. Fab.” The article compares one individual to another by focusing on various body parts, eating habits and internal organs; however, the article uses stigmatizing language, such as:

“His officially turned into a cardiac turd the day he ate seven Philly cheesesteaks and a whole bucket of chili in one sitting.”

“When he actually does get up from the couch to get more nachos, Chins’ knees beg the rest of his doughy frame for mercy.”

The OAC has officially contacted the WWE regarding the content as it exposes children to weight bias at a young age. To date, the OAC has not received a response. We need YOU to raise your voice and let the WWE know that content such as this only further perpetuates weight bias and stigma.