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Georgia Strong4Life Campaign

Georgia “Strong4Life” Campaign

The OAC has been alerted to an issue in the state of Georgia regarding an alliance, titled the Georgia Children’s Health Alliance, that is using an unusual tactic with billboards to raise awareness of childhood obesity. We’ve been contacted by OAC members who feel the Alliance’s tactics are stigmatizing and are hurting children by bullying them more than helping them.

UPDATE 3/20/12

Throughout the past year, the OAC has conducted an online poll regarding the “Strong4Life” campaign. Below, please find the poll results:
Poll Closed (Results as of 3/28/12)
Total Participants: 1,050

Does this campaign help or hurt children affected by obesity?
81% feel the campaign hurts children affected by obesity.
19% feel the campaign helps children affected by obesity.

Are the billboards or the campaign offensive?
82% Yes
18% No