Jason Krynicki at YWM2021-VIRTUALThe month we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! From July 17-25, the OAC will host YWM2021-VIRTUAL, our 10th Annual Your Weight Matters Convention & EXPO.

This Convention is our signature event of the year, drawing in people from across the world who are seeking help and support for weight management.

The OAC knows that weight management is tough and complex work, and you shouldn’t have to go at it alone. Our goal is for you to come away feeling informed, supported, and most of all – empowered!

10 Reasons to Attend YWM2021-VIRTUAL

#1 – Watch live, interactive sessions with leading weight and health experts from the industry, ranging from nutritionists and exercise physiologists to obesity medicine physicians and renowned researchers.

#2 – Sessions in real time are FREE to watch! If you can’t make the live sessions, it’s easy to upgrade to a Full Convention registration for just $50 and get after-hours access to sessions, handouts, the EXPO Hall, and other exclusive benefits.

#3 – Explore the science behind the complexity of weight and health, broken down in an easy-to-understand format with your needs in mind.

#4 – Enjoy virtual exercise demonstrations, a hands-on cooking demonstration with meal prep tips, and other engaging virtual events.

#5 – Learn science-based strategies in nutrition, exercise, behavioral health, mental health, medical weight management and more!

#6 – Ask questions and get credible answers from experts during Q&A time after the sessions and during topic-specific breakout sessions.

#7 – Get motivation and encouragement to embrace change, move forward and recharge your health.

#8 – Connect with other people in real-time, through live chats and Zoom events, for support and engaging conversations about weight-related topics.

#9 – Feel empowered among a community of people who truly “get it” when it comes to weight and can identify with your experiences.

#10 – Explore the EXPO Hall and get lost in a sea of useful products, services and more from across the weight and health industry.

Don’t Wait, Register Now!

To register for YWM2021-VIRTUAL and see what registration options are available, click here. For more information about the event series, visit YWMConvention.com. To sign-up for Convention E-News Alerts to get all updates as they are released, click here.