Welcome to “Bias Busters!”

Weight bias is the last acceptable form of discrimination in today’s society. Each day, individuals affected by obesity are stigmatized in a variety of settings, such as work, school, healthcare, pop culture and more. Unfortunately, little is done to combat this stigmatization and even more damaging, the public often fails to recognize this stigmatization because we are conditioned to seeing it for years.

And, THAT is why “Bias Busters” is now here – to put an END to weight bias!

The OAC has seen some successes in battling weight bias in a variety of forms, such as PETA and BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee IQ Requirement for Those Seeking Weight-Loss Surgery. These successes are because of people like you. Without you, we cannot combat weight bias and that is why we need you to become a Bias Buster!

What is Weight Bias/Stigma?
Weight bias and stigma come in many forms. We have created a special section on the OAC Web site which elaborates further on weight bias and stigma. It also provides sample articles from the OAC’s official publication Your Weight Matters Magazine. To visit the “Stigma” section, click here.

“Bias Busters” Alerts

The OAC would like to thank all of you who responded to the below issues. We greatly appreciate your dedication and support to the “Bias Busters.”


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Fat suit Halloween Costume

istockphoto and Getty Images



Outpatient Surgery Magazine article

Stop Entertainment Tonight’s “Fat suit” segment

Strong4Life” campaign

American Idol (2006)

How You Can Help as a “Bias Buster”
To combat weight-stigma, the OAC needs YOU to help us BUST weight bias and stigma! Do you have an example of weight bias or stigma that you would like to share with the OAC? If so, please email biasbusters@obesityaction.org.

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