The OAC has made more than 70 public policy comments.
Advocacy & Support

Advocating can appear to be a tough task for anyone, but the OAC has developed a variety of advocacy tools to help you in your advocacy efforts. Below, you will find various advocacy tools to help you accomplish your advocacy efforts. In choosing any of these advocacy tools, always remember that YOUR voice matters!

Getting Started
The “Getting Started” section is the perfect place to increase your comfort level with advocacy. In this section, you will learn how to advocate toward legislators, regulators, the media and more. It’s an excellent step-by-step guide to increasing your advocacy efforts. Get started here!

Public Policy Comments
Since the OAC’s inception, the OAC has commented publicly on various issues, such as proposed legislation, policies and much more. This is an excellent section to learn more about the OAC’s efforts on both the state and federal level. Read more here!

Legislative Action Center
The action center is a great place to start to see what the latest advocacy topics are and it’s an easy way to contact your elected officials and advocate for the cause of obesity. Take action here!

OAC STAR Program
The OAC State Advocacy Resource (STAR) Program is for individuals comfortable with advocating and those wishing to take the next step in their advocacy efforts. The purpose of the STAR Program is to support and communicate the mission and goals of the OAC before state legislature and regulatory agencies. Think you can be an OAC STAR? Lear more here!

Find a Support Group
Support groups are an excellent tool for learning more about obesity, treatment options and much more. They are also an excellent place for you to find support on a variety of issues related to life, health and obesity. Find a support group in your state here!

Coverage Fact Sheets
Ready to write your letter or speak to your legislator or employer about increasing access to obesity treatments, such as weight-loss surgery, but not sure where to get some hard-hitting facts about obesity? Look no further, OAC Coverage Fact Sheets offer you a wealth of information to help you strongly articulate your points. Read more here!

State Guides
One of the biggest hurdles in the fight against obesity is educating the public on the disease itself. Because of this difficulty, obesity treatments, such as weight-loss surgery, are often “cut” from state budgets or not included at all. The OAC has identified specific states with access to care issues and to help you advocate for treatment in your state, we developed specific state guides to help you make a difference. Learn more here!

State  Resources
Whether you are advocating for access to care or trying to help a loved-one learn more about their state’s health programs, the “State Resource” section can help you identify important agencies such as your state’s department of insurance, medicaid agency and more. Check it out here!


The OAC encourages YOU to become advocates for change. Obesity is a complex disease. Individuals affected by obesity often experience a wide variety of other health conditions (co-morbidities), which include diabetes, heart disease, cancer, sleep apnea and many more. Individuals affected by obesity can impact how others view obesity and impact decision makers. Help us to eliminate the bias associated with this disease, and make sure that obesity is treated as a disease, allowing for increased access to safe and effective medical treatment.

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