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Access & Policy Issues

Our community is made up of individuals that believe no matter your weight, size, or economic status, you should have access to science-based treatment and comprehensive care for obesity. The OAC works to help influence government policies, that range from approving treatment options, to improving funding for research. Government policies have such an immense effect on the society we live in. Take action to improve access to care and influence decision makers and the policies they enact!

Urge Your Legislators to Support and Cosponsor the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act!

HERE’S THE ISSUE: The Treat and Reduce Obesity Act, or TROA, was reintroduced into the 117th Congress by Senators Tom Carper (D-DE) and Bill Cassidy (R-LA) in the Senate and Representative Ron Kind (D-WI) in the House, respectively. Now, it’s time to strengthen the bill’s Congressional support and urge legislators to co-sponsor TROA and push for the final passage of the legislation.

YOUR ASK: Help us grow support for TROA by contacting both of your Senators, as well as your House of Representatives member, to cosponsor and support the final passage of this legislation!

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Contact President Biden and Urge Him to Make the Disease of Obesity a Priority in His Administration!

HERE’S THE ISSUE: In recognition of World Obesity Day (March 4th, 2021), taking place during Obesity Care Week, the OAC and other health advocates from across the U.S. are sending unified letters to President Biden asking him to make the disease of obesity a priority in his administration.

YOUR ASK: This is your opportunity to contact President Biden and let him know why access to obesity care is crucial! Share in the efforts of World Obesity Day by sending or customizing a letter that we’ve already created for you.

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Urge Your State Legislators to Support Passage of Senate Bill (SB) 1007 to Expand Obesity Treatment Coverage in Connecticut!

HERE’S THE ISSUE: SB 1007 was recently approved by the Joint Real Estate and Insurance Committee in the Connecticut General Assembly. This bill will expand obesity treatment coverage in private health plans and Medicaid across Connecticut. Given the critical toll that COVID-19 has taken on people affected by obesity, both in our state and across the country, it’s now more critical than ever to ensure patients have access to comprehensive obesity care such as bariatric surgery and FDA-approved obesity drugs!

YOUR ASK: Help us grow support for SB 1007 by contacting both your State Senator and Representative to support the final passage of this legislation!

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Contact your Governor to Urge Health Plans to Eliminate Barriers to Obesity Care

HERE’S THE ISSUE: In recent months, a clear connection has emerged between obesity and COVID-19 severity. Having obesity-related conditions (like diabetes or sleep apnea) can worsen symptoms of COVID-19 and lead to complications requiring hospitalization..

YOUR ASK: Urge your Governor to prohibit state health plans from excluding coverage for science-based obesity treatment services such as intensive behavioral therapy, FDA-approved obesity drugs and bariatric surgery.

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Sign OAC’s Childhood Obesity Petition if You Believe Children with Obesity Deserve the Same Access to Healthcare as Adults

HERE’S THE ISSUE: Obesity Care Week is raising awareness about childhood obesity and the need for families to have valuable resources to address this issue with their children and provide the necessary care. The OAC supports Obesity Care Week in believing that children with obesity deserve the same access to healthcare as adults.

YOUR ASK: Do you agree that children with obesity deserve the same access to healthcare as adults? If yes, help us raise awareness about this issue and sign-on to Obesity Care Week’s childhood obesity petition!

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Take an Active Step in Your Healthcare by Reviewing Your Health Insurance Plan!

HERE’S THE ISSUE: The OAC believes ALL insurance plans should cover obesity care and treatment. Obesity is a complex and chronic disease the people should not have to manage alone.

YOUR ASK: Review your insurance to see if it includes obesity care and treatment coverage.

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Urge Pennsylvania State Legislators to Support HB 293 and SB 782 Improving Access to Obesity Treatment Medications!

HERE’S THE ISSUE: House Bill (HB) 293 and Senate Bill (SB) 782 would allow FDA-approved medications that treat obesity to be covered under the state’s Medicaid program, if managed care organizations decide coverage for these drugs is medically necessary.

YOUR ASK: Send an email or tweet to your Pennsylvania State Legislator asking them to support HB 293 and SB 782

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