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Access & Policy Issues

Our community is made up of individuals that believe no matter your weight, size, or economic status, you should have access to science-based treatment and comprehensive care for obesity. The OAC works to help influence government policies, that range from approving treatment options, to improving funding for research. Government policies have such an immense effect on the society we live in. Take action to improve access to care and influence decision makers and the policies they enact!


Urge Your Federal Legislators to Prioritize Obesity Care!

HERE’S THE ISSUE: OAC continues its fight to expand coverage of obesity treatments under Medicare. In previous Congressional sessions, we supported the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act, and this year the fight continues! While a bill has not been introduced yet, OAC is working hard to ensure that we treat obesity in the same way that we treat other chronic diseases, allowing people with obesity the access to quality care they need without significant barriers.

YOUR ASK: Help us by urging your Federal Representatives to acknowledge obesity for the chronic disease that it is and prioritize obesity care by taking steps to expand access to treatment.

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Oregon Action: Share Your Story

HERE’S THE ISSUE: The Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services wants to hear your stories about the increased costs of prescription drug prices and how they have affected you and your family.

YOUR ASK: Share your story about how prescription drug prices for obesity medications impacts your family.

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NC Action: Urge North Carolina State Health Plan Board to provide comprehensive obesity treatment

HERE’S THE ISSUE: North Carolina is considering dropping coverage of the highly effective GLP-1 anti-obesity medications for state employees. Right now, current users can keep their coverage until a final decision is made in the January meeting of the Board of Trustees, but patients cannot begin new coverage of this treatment starting in the new year.

YOUR ASK: Urge the NC Board to continue coverage of comprehensive obesity treatment for state employees which includes access to GLP-1 anti-obesity medications.

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CT Action: Urge Your State Legislators to Expand Access to Care!

HERE’S THE ISSUE: Access to obesity treatments are too often based on your individual health insurance plan or zip code. Urge your representatives to support SB 976 and SB 977 which will broaden coverage for obesity treatments!

YOUR ASK: Connecticut has the chance to expand access to obesity treatments – urge your representatives to support these bills today!

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Urge Your State Legislators to Expand Access to Care and #StopWeightBias!

HERE’S THE ISSUE: Access to obesity treatments are too often based on your individual health insurance plan or zip code, and only one state has a law banning weight-based discrimination. It’s time to prioritize obesity care in your state!

YOUR ASK: Help us create a better world for people living with obesity by contacting your state representatives today!

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Contact your Governor to Urge Health Plans to Eliminate Barriers to Obesity Care

HERE’S THE ISSUE: In recent months, a clear connection has emerged between obesity and COVID-19 severity. Having obesity-related conditions (like diabetes or sleep apnea) can worsen symptoms of COVID-19 and lead to complications requiring hospitalization..

YOUR ASK: Urge your Governor to prohibit state health plans from excluding coverage for science-based obesity treatment services such as intensive behavioral therapy, FDA-approved obesity drugs and bariatric surgery.

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Take an Active Step in Your Healthcare by Reviewing Your Health Insurance Plan!

HERE’S THE ISSUE: The OAC believes ALL insurance plans should cover obesity care and treatment. Obesity is a complex and chronic disease the people should not have to manage alone.

YOUR ASK: Review your insurance to see if it includes obesity care and treatment coverage.

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