Access to Care Issues

We’ve made great strides in obesity treatment but the ability for people to access these life-changing treatments remains very limited. If anything, access to obesity treatments has become MORE restrictive over the last decade. Share your story with us if you’ve experienced access to care barriers like:

  • policy exclusions of obesity management services
  • difficult hoops and hurdles before your insurance helps to cover treatment
  • unaccommodating medical equipment
  • difficulty with transportation to healthcare facilities due to your body type
  • and other barriers that would prevent you from gaining access to care

While there are a number of healthcare providers and insurance companies that can interfere with access to care. We know that there are also some great HCP’s, employers and insurance companies that make accessing life-changing treatment possible. We want to hear about your triumphs, just like we want to hear about the trials. If you’ve had a successful experience with an appeals process, have an amazing policy that covers comprehensive obesity treatment, or have another positive access to care story, we’d like to hear it. Please submit your access to care statement to the reporting tool so we can hear about your experience.

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