Urge Your Legislators to Prioritize Obesity Care!


Despite increased scientific understanding of the disease of obesity, many policymakers and society as a whole continue to view obesity as a lifestyle choice or personal failing. These attitudes are rooted in bias – not science – and have failed us. More than 130 million Americans are currently affected by the disease of obesity. Ohio ranks 9th in the country with over 37% of residents affected by obesity and over 33% affected by overweight. It’s time to acknowledge obesity for the chronic disease that it is and take steps to treat it in the same serious fashion as other chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension.

Take Action Now:

Urge the members of the Senate Finance Committee and the Senate Leadership to prioritize the disease of obesity in Ohio by expanding Medicaid coverage of comprehensive obesity treatments – language that is currently included in HB 33. Take action today and urge them to support the inclusion of this language in the final version of the bill!

It’s Easy to Advocate!

Use our easy automated message generator below to get started. Legislators also want to how these issues have impacted you, so we strongly encourage you to add your personal story to the letter template to help them better understand the need for greater access to critical obesity treatment tools.

We just need a few pieces of information to connect you with your Representatives: