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This center is an invaluable tool for helping OAC members and others access their elected officials on critical issues affecting prevention and treatment of obesity. In this Action Center, you will find Federal and State issues that need YOUR attention and action. Through the action center, it now only takes the amount of time to type in your name, address and zip code to influence the public policy process. Simply click “Take Action” to access the special message (which you may personalize), provide your home address, and hit send. You’re now an OAC “E-Advocate.”

Simply click on the below “Federal Issues” link to view any current Federal Issues or click on the “State Issues” link for any state-specific issues. Remember, even if a state issue is not in your state, you can still take action, advocate and share your personal journey!

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Federal Issues…
Treat and Reduce Obesity Act

Take ActionISSUE: The Treat and Reduce Obesity Act (TROA) will provide Medicare beneficiaries and their healthcare providers with meaningful tools to reduce obesity by improving access to weight-loss counseling and new prescription medications for chronic weight management. While the legislation is focused on improving access to obesity treatments for Medicare beneficiaries, it is important to remember that often times private and employer based insurance plans base their coverage on matching Medicare coverage. Therefore, this legislation is important to all Americans.

ASK: Urge Congress to support the passage of the Treat and Reduce Obesity Act.

DEADLINE: December 31, 2018

ACTION ITEM: Please urge both of your Senators as well as your House of Representatives member to cosponsor and support final passage of this important legislation.

Obesity Doesn’t Discriminate

ISSUE: Obesity currently impacts more than two-thirds of Americans nationwide. While this is a significant part of the population, many individuals still find themselves severely limited when trying to access evidence-based obesity care options, such as obesity medications, bariatric surgery, behavioral therapy and more.

ASK: Urge Fair Coverage of Obesity Treatment Services


ACTION ITEM: Sign Our Petition Urging Fair Coverage of Obesity Treatment Services

State Issues…
Support Bariatric Surgery Coverage in Florida

ISSUE: Recently, the Florida Governor’s Diabetes Advisory Council released its 2017 Report, which among other things, recommended that the legislature require insurance carries in Florida to cover bariatric surgery for this with type 2 diabetes. Too often, such services are included from insurance regulated by the state of Florida.

ASK: Urge the Florida Legislature to adopt the recommendations of the Diabetes Advisory Council..

DEADLINE: December 31, 2017

ACTION ITEM: Floridians, please urge your legislators to implement the Diabetes Advisory Council recommendations.


If you have any questions regarding the above issues or if you would like more information on the OAC’s advocacy efforts, please email info@obesityaction.org.

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