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Weight bias is holding negative attitudes about people’s weight or harming and shaming them because of their weight. To learn more about weight bias and how you can help stop it, visit:

Weight bias is harmful and way too common today. It can exist in every aspect of life and it looks different to everyone.

Our words and actions matter. Our weight shouldn’t dictate the way we are treated. We need to stop weight bias.

Have you experienced weight bias? Did you know that 90% of U.S. adults recognize weight bias exists and 42% of U.S. adults have experienced weight bias?

Healthcare settings are meant to be a safe space, where people can talk openly about their health. However, 20.3% of U.S. adults have experienced weight bias in healthcare. This needs to stop, visit to learn how you can help!

Weight bias affects everyone differently and it can have a harmful impact on your physical and mental health. To learn more about it, visit:

Weight bias doesn’t exclude children. Weight bias in children can cause a decline in their health in addition to anxiety, depression, eating disorders and a low self-esteem.

We need to learn how to identify weight bias and how it affects people. Having excess weight or obesity is one of the most common causes of why children are teased at school. It needs to stop.

Our words and actions matter. Weight bias is harmful not helpful and it needs to stop.