Victory! Connecticut Expands Access to Obesity Care!

Connecticut has passed and signed into law Senate Bill 977 which expands Medicaid and Husky B Coverage for FDA-approved prescription weight-loss drugs and nutrition counseling, and expands coverage for bariatric surgery for Connecticut residents! OAC members sent in a record 2,277 letters in support of this effort, helping push this past the finish line!

Take Action Now!

We encourage you to take a moment and celebrate this victory, and send a follow up letter to your representatives today. It’s fast and easy, just fill in your information below! OAC’s Action Center will identify your representatives and craft a customized letter based on their vote for or against this bill. It is critical to recognize the hard work and support of many, and continue to educate the minority that were in opposition. We strongly encourage you to add your personal story to help them better understand the lived experience of people with obesity and their loved ones, and what this victory means for you. Just use our easy automated message generator below to get started: