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OAC Membership is the most important way you can make a difference in the cause of obesity. The greater our membership, the stronger our voice!

Effective Jan. 1, 2012, the OAC restructured its membership levels to allow individuals to join in one category for the same fee. The OAC no longer offers specific membership for professionals or physicians. Organizations are still able to join the OAC in either the Institutional or Chairman’s Council Membership categories.

How to Order Bulk Resources as a Member

To order OAC resources in bulk, you must first be an Individual Member. Once you join as an Individual Member, you are able to purchase Educational Add-ons. The packages are as follows:

Standard Package ($50/year): 10-50 educational pieces/quarter
Deluxe Package ($100/year): 51-100 educational pieces/quarter
Premium Package($150/year): 100-250 educational pieces/quarter

If you would like access to the OAC’s resources in bulk with no limitation, the OAC invites you to join in either the Institutional or Chairman’s Council Membership levels.

We Look Forward to Adding Your Voice to our Coalition!

OAC Membership

OAC Membership Categories

Institutional and Chairman’s Council Members are able to make quarterly payments.
To inquire about this payment method, please contact the OAC at (800) 717-3117.

OAC Membership Add-ons (optional, but only accessible by OAC members)

To order bulk copies of OAC resources, members can purchase educational packages (not required for Institutional and Chairman’s Council members).

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