Join the Nation’s Leading Coalition Fighting for ALL Individuals with Obesity

The OAC was formed to unify the voice of the individual affected by obesity. Before the OAC’s existence, there was not an organization that brought together individuals with obesity and/or concerned with the cause, despite the fact that obesity is one of the fastest growing epidemics of our time.

Today, the OAC is proud to stand as the nation’s leading National non-profit organization, with a growing membership of more than 54,000 whose sole focus is to help individuals with obesity through education, advocacy and support.

The OAC’s membership is comprised of a diverse group of individuals and organizations who share a common goal to effect change when it comes to obesity. Whether it’s working to improve access to obesity treatments, getting the needed education about obesity out to those who need it or working to eliminate weight bias and discrimination, OAC members are passionate advocates for the cause and for the 93 million individuals affected.

Membership Levels and How to Join
The OAC invites any individual to join our efforts who wants to make an impact and give back to the
cause of obesity.

Membership for Individuals:

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Membership for Companies/Organizations:
Companies and organizations play a crucial role in the fight against obesity and are encouraged to join in one of our organizational categories to show their support of patients and the cause.

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