The OAC was formed to be the voice of the individual affected by obesity, and the way that the OAC builds our voice is through membership. Membership is an essential component in the obesity fight. Members are active voices in issues impacting individuals affected by obesity. From helping to improve access to obesity treatments for the millions who need it, to fighting the unfair bias and discrimination those affected face, with your help, the OAC’s voice can and will be heard!

So, Why Join the OAC? Because it’s the ONLY National non-profit organization out there fighting for the individual affected by obesity. For just $20/year, you can be part of the growing movement to stand-up for the individual affected by obesity. Plus, you will receive some valuable and exciting membership benefits. To learn more, click one of the below categories.

OAC Membership Levels

Individual Membership – $20/year
Institutional Membership
– $500/year
OAC Chairman’s Council Membership
– $1,000 and up/year

International membership rates are available but add an additional cost. To request information on international membership rates, please contact or (800) 717-3117.

The OAC needs every individual who is concerned about the cause of obesity to join our Coalition. With your voice, we can make a difference in education, advocacy and combating weight bias for the millions of adults and children affected by obesity.

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