The Obesity Action Coalition is proud to present Your Weight Matters Regional – our series of free weight and health events across the United States! Your Weight Matters Regional covers a wide range of topics, from weight management to nutrition and mental health, and expert speakers provide valuable insights and science-based strategies to help guide attendees on their personal health journeys.

Here is a look at what you can expect at each event:

Why are we gaining weight, and why is it so difficult to lose weight and keep it off?: We will start the day by answering a few of the most prevalent questions we all have about weight. In this presentation, we will cover the contributing factors to weight gain and obesity, why not everyone gains weight (spoiler alert: it has to do with your genetics!) and how our brains and hormones affect our appetites.

Finding an Eating Strategy That Works for YOU: In this presentation, you’ll learn how a dietician or nutritionist could help in our journey to improved health, how to determine portion sizes that work for us and how to go about mindful eating and self-monitoring. By the end of the day, everyone will have an eating strategy that aligns with their personal goals.

Managing the Stress without the Calories: Next, we will give insight into how stress impacts weight — and, more importantly, how we can manage our stress to help with weight management. You will learn how to distinguish between the things that are in your control and the things that are out of your control and how to shift your mindset when experiencing life events.

Understanding Your Treatment Options: To wrap up the day, we will explain the various safe and effective treatment options there are for obesity, including FDA-approved anti-obesity medication and bariatric surgery. You will learn that while responses to obesity treatment are different for each person, lifestyle changes plus medical interventions can be the most effective for weight management for improved health.

Each Your Weight Matters Regional event will teach attendees something new. Plus, there is something for everybody, no matter what their personal journey with weight and health has been like thus far. We bring in experts who truly “get it” when it comes to weight and how hard it can be to manage, and who will break down the complexity behind weight in a way that is easy to understand.

But the best part is, each event is FREE! You can learn science-based, hands-on strategies in mental health, nutrition, weight management and more, all free of cost.  We’re also offering free breakfast, free parking and free giveaways!

If you’re ready to take the next step in your journey to improved health, visit to learn more.

Where Your Weight Matters Regional is Headed Next:

Tampa, FL – July 27, 2024

Austin, TX – September 21, 2024

Boston, MA – October 5, 2024

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We hope to see you soon!