Action through Advocacy: Weight Bias

Join OAC for Weight Bias Action Week!Join OAC for Weight Bias Action Week!

This week, November 12th – 16th, OAC is hosting Weight Bias Action Week to encourage our Community Members and supporters to take a stand against weight bias and stigma.

Throughout the week, we’ll be sharing important information about weight bias on our Community Blog and providing helpful resources and tools for combating weight bias.

Please join us and take #OACAction during this important awareness week!

What is Weight Bias?

Weight bias is defined as negative attitudes, beliefs, judgement, stereotypes and/or discriminatory acts aimed at individuals because of their weight. It can be overt or subtle and occur in any setting, including employment, education, healthcare, mass media and relationships with family and friends.

Weight bias also takes many forms – verbal, written, media, online and more. It is dehumanizing and damaging. It can cause adverse physical and psychological health outcomes and promotes a social norm that marginalizes people with obesity.

Report Bias When You See it!

If you have personally experienced weight bias, or have witnessed it taking place in the media, online or in-person, please submit your experience to OAC’s Weight Bias Reporting Tool. Your submissions help us take action and learn more about the issues our supporters are facing.

CLICK HERE to report weight bias issues.

One of the Obesity Action Coalition’s (OAC) goals is to eliminate the negative stigma often associated with obesity. We’ve created multiple educational resources aimed at raising weight bias awareness and offering alternative words, imagery and more to combat it:


#OACAction and Weight Bias

When you stand-up to weight bias in any way, that counts as taking #OACAction! You can be an advocate for individuals affected by obesity by joining the OAC to call-out weight bias whenever we see it.

If you take #OACAction by combating weight bias or sharing our resources, please let us know! We love to see what our supporters are up to. Use #OACAction on social media or shoot us a note at [email protected].

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