Take the Pledge to Speak out and Challenge Perceptions of Obesity

The disease of obesity affects more than 93 million Americans but is extremely misunderstood. Unfortunately, there are many false but common perceptions of obesity that create barriers for people seeking help, support and treatment. These perceptions also cause harmful weight stigma.

Help OAC raise a stronger awareness of obesity and challenge these perceptions by signing and sharing our pledge.

  • To treat individuals with overweight and obesity with dignity, respect and evidence based care.
  • To encourage and support initiatives aimed at eradicating weight bias throughout Kaiser Permanente.
  • To refrain from using stereotypical language, images, and narratives that unfairly and inaccurately depict individuals with overweight and obesity as lazy, gluttonous, and lacking will power or self-discipline.
  • To encourage and support educational initiatives aimed at eradicating weight bias through learning and dissemination of current knowledge of obesity and body weight regulation to the community.

Resources to Help You Challenge Perceptions

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