OAC Image Gallery

Obesity Action Coalition Image Gallery

The OAC’s Image Gallery was created with one simple goal in mind: providing you with a set of images free of bias or stigma. Individuals with obesity are often portrayed in a negative light, with photos focused on uncontrolled eating, headless men and women, shots zoomed in on body parts and other common practices perpetuating bias and stigma around this disease. With this photo gallery, the OAC aims to provide better imagery showing individuals in a variety of settings and activities. We encourage you to use these images as a bias-free alternative and help change the ways we see individuals affected by this disease.

Other Organizational Image Galleries

In addition to the OAC’s Image Gallery, the OAC is also proud to share partnering organization image galleries for your use. (Please note each image gallery maintains the usage rights to their photos. Please view each organization’s Usage Guidelines prior to downloading images.)