Your Weight Matters – Because Your Health Comes First!

Through Your Weight Matters Campaign, Obesity Action Coalition puts your health top priority. Your Weight Matters is a national campaign produced and presented by OAC to assist individuals affected by excess weight with taking charge of their health. The campaign helps to raise awareness on weight and its impact on health, while empowering those affected by excess weight to take the challenge and make the all-too-important first step of speaking to a healthcare provider about weight management options.

No matter what part you are in your health journey, OAC provides you with FREE resources through the Your Weight Matters Campaign to arm yourself with the knowledge and confidence when speaking to your healthcare provider.

Your Weight Matters Toolkit

Ready to take the challenge? Congratulations, you just made one of the most important health decisions in your life! By taking the challenge and committing to speaking to a healthcare provider, you will receive a Your Weight Matters Toolkit.

To help you prepare and feel self-assured during your consultation, this valuable resource provides you with:

  • Knowledge on weight-loss options,
  • Evidence-based tips on nutrition and fitness,
  • An understanding on how to measure your body mass index (BMI),
  • A list of sample questions to ask your healthcare provider.

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