There may be many things that define you, but your weight isn’t one of them. The number on the scale is not your identity. That’s why the OAC launched the “I Am Not My Weight” Campaign – an initiative that aims to highlight who we are, how we define ourselves, and how we want others to see us.

Why You Should Participate in the “I Am Not My Weight” Campaign

You can be a part of the campaign by taking a photo of what it is that defines you. Snap a picture of you holding a piece of paper with the words written on them. Maybe you are a mom, an uncle, a teacher or a police offer. Maybe you are an animal lover, an artist, a musician or a student – or many of these.

Take a look below for some great examples that we’ve already received!

By taking your picture, the OAC can use your voice to spread the message that the scale does not define who we are. It is an important number we can use to manage our health, but it is not our identity.

With your permission, the OAC would like to share your picture, among others who also participate, and possibly use it in our inspiring opening session at YWM2019!

What to Do (It’s Easy):

  • Take a piece of paper, write “I Am,” then write how you identify yourself.
  • Take a picture of yourself holding the piece of paper. It can be a selfie or you can ask someone else to take it. It doesn’t have to be fancy or professional!
  • Share your picture with us and submit it via the form on THIS PAGE.
  • If you want, post your picture to social media with the hashtag #IAmNotMyWeight so we can track it and share it! This is also a great way to make your own awareness.

CLICK HERE to Submit Your Photo