Consider how group exercise can help you meet your fitness goalsDo you enjoy exercise in the company of others, or are you more of a lone wolf when it comes to your workouts? If you’re more of the latter, you may be missing out on some unique health benefits!

Group exercise is especially helpful for those who want to set new goals, learn something new, keep things fresh and work different muscles and functions of the body. Working out alongside others with similar goals and interests can take your fitness plan to the next level!

Benefits of Group Exercise

Working out with other people invested in their health and fitness has many unique benefits. We’ve listed out a few of them, but there’s so many other different ways it can help too!

  • Meet New Friends: Time spent with your group fitness buddies can develop into positive friendships that last a lifetime.
  • Renewed Motivation: The company of others can both inspire and empower you!
  • More Workout Variety: Group fitness classes can help you work different muscles in your body and keep fitness fresh.
  • Lots of Fun: Group workouts can be invigorating and exciting!
  • Overcome Plateaus: Bust through your “rut” by burning more calories, varying your routine and getting an extra boost of motivation.
  • Increase Your Performance: Regularly attending meetups or classes can help you make exercise a habit you don’t want to break!

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How to Get Started

For many reasons, group exercise can be a fresh, effective way to make over your fitness routine for the new year. If your loved ones aren’t willing to participate, what can you do?

See What’s Out There

What’s offered in your local community? Maybe a nearby gym, recreation or community center offers different group fitness classes. Check out their bulletin board to see when and where those classes are held. You can also go online to see what sort of fitness groups or neighborhood communities meet up in your area.

What Interests You?

What activities and exercises pique your interest? Maybe you enjoy running, biking or even hiking. Maybe you find joy in water aerobics or kick-boxing. Discover what activities sound fun and engaging, and don’t be afraid to check them out!

Take the Next Step

Group exercise can seem intimidating at first, but try focusing on the pros that outweigh any cons. Then, take that next step and sign yourself up! Pick a time slot that fits your schedule, contact the group organizer and jump into a new fitness program!