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All through December, we’ve talked about the value of OAC’s Membership Community in creating REAL change for REAL people. When we remove staggering obesity statistics and look beyond the data, we’re left with more than 93 REAL lives of people who live with the disease of obesity every day. What will do you to be a voice of hope and support?

Speaking of support, we wanted to share with you the story of Lynne Greiner from Buffalo, New York — someone who is personally affected by obesity and has found overwhelming support not only in the bariatric surgery clinic she works for, but also in the OAC Community which she utilizes daily. We invite you to read Lynne’s story below.

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Please consider making a charitable gift to the OAC today!Your tax-deductible gift to the OAC will directly help us continue to support and empower individuals affected by obesity through educational resources, valuable tools and meaningful people-to-people connections.

OAC Community Member Lynne Greiner’s has a story that serves as a powerful example of just how far lasting support can travel — and how valuable it is to have other people, and an organization like the OAC, in your personal corner.

After discovering the OAC Community in her Buffalo-based bariatric surgery support group and at her surgeon’s office, Lynne attended our 6th Annual Your Weight Matters National Convention and immersed herself into the mission of the OAC. Now, she serves passionately as an obesity patient advocate and works hard to educate others about the complexity of obesity, offer wisdom and walk with them on their journey. Read more about Lynne’s story below!

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How it All Began

Please consider making a charitable gift to the OAC today!I am a receptionist for Trinity Bariatrics of West New York, and I had gastric bypass surgery for my obesity about two and a half years ago. I decided I wanted to pursue bariatric surgery after I lost some of my family members who struggled with not only obesity, but diabetes, sleep apnea, high blood pressure, blood clots and more.

I made the decision to truly “live” as I started down this new path path. One day at my surgeons office, I was asked to officially join the team. I couldn’t turn it down! Helping people through this tough road navigating obesity was what I wanted to do. I was then introduced to the OAC Community at my surgeon’s office and at my office-hosted bariatric surgery support group.

Then, in the summer of 2017, I was fortunate enough to attend the OAC’s Your Weight Matters National Convention in New Orleans. My mind was blown! There were so many people in attendance, numerous weight management and obesity experts, and a heart-warming amount of love and support.  The experience was truly astounding, and it taught me just how valuable it is to have all kinds of support on the difficult journey with weight and health.

Being Supported and Supporting Others

Please consider making a charitable gift to the OAC today!The surgical practice I work for focuses a lot on support and education not only before someone chooses to have bariatric surgery, but after as well. Through the support group I attend via the practice, I’ve met some of my very best friends — and I was thrilled at the chance I eventually got to help facilitate one. I got to hear stories from other people struggling with obesity and even stayed after the group meeting to talk. People truly appreciate a listening ear and being surrounded by others who understand the hard road they’re on.

I love that the OAC advocates for real obesity issues. With all they are doing to work in our favor, I hope that their messages are heard and these issues are further addressed by the public.

My family members who have passed didn’t understand what was happening to them at the time. They didn’t, and perhaps couldn’t, take action to manage their weight and health.  When it became my time to address my health, I knew I needed to advocate for myself and save my life so my children wouldn’t have to go through the losses I had to bear.

I hope that during this season of giving, you will consider making a charitable gift to the OAC. Your generosity creates REAL change for REAL people affected by obesity — just like me.

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