Having an accountability partner can help you reach success

The road to weight-loss can be a bumpy one. You’ll face triumphs, challenges, hurdles and barriers that affect not just your weight, but other aspects of your life. But like most journeys, the road is a lot smoother when you have someone else to walk it with you.

Having an accountability partner has been known to help others find long-term success with weight and health management. This person shares your goals and motivations and understands how challenging the process can be. They are somebody who is there to help encourage you, empower you and keep you on-track so you don’t have to face it all alone. That’s why the right person matters.

How to Choose an Accountability Partner

Look for Someone Who Shares Similar Challenges and Goals.

You can relate to someone who is also seeking to improve their health and address their weight. This person will understand how important it is for you to be on this journey, and they’ll be familiar with the emotional and physical experiences you face along the way.

Find Someone You’re Comfortable around.

Talking about weight and health can be an intimate conversation. Try looking for a partner you feel comfortable being around. This person should be respectful, empathetic, trustworthy an supportive. They should also be someone you can support in return.

Pick a Communication Outlet.

For you to find accountability in someone else, you’ll need to set-up times to meet or talk. This could be in person, over the phone or online. How will you and your accountability partner spend time together? Think about what mode of communication fits your schedules.

Look for Someone You Can Spend Time with. 

You might benefit from having a partner who can work out with you, shop for groceries with you and even cook with you. Making healthy choices as a team can feel empowering!

You May Need More than One. 

There is always strength in numbers. You don’t have to have just one accountability partner. You might consider seeking help from your friends, family or even a support group.

Find Someone Challenging, but Not Condemning. 

Your partner should be open and honest with you, they should help you push your limits by challenging you to be the best you can be. However, they shouldn’t jump to conclusions about your progress. They shouldn’t make you feel like you’ve failed or push you beyond your limits.

Communicate about Expectations. 

Look for someone who can figure out exactly how you want them to help you. Do you need to prepare a list of goals in advance so you don’t waste time when you meet up? Can you show your partner how to challenge you? What kind of support will help you most? You and your partner should be able to communicate freely so that you both find success.

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